Christopher Nolan: ‘Following’ foretells ‘Inception,’ ‘Dark Knight’

I love his films. Never seen “Following,” but I now have no excuse. Nolan is such a talented director and he’ll definitely churning out films for the next ten years at least. Can’t wait to see what he does to top the mega-successful Batman franchise!

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This month sees the DVD releases of Christopher Nolan’s first and most recent movies. “Following” from 1998, out last week from the Criterion Collection, was made on a shoestring budget of 3,000 pounds (about $5,000 at the time).

Shot on weekends over a year by a 28-year-old with a day job making corporate videos and a cast and crew that consisted largely of friends, it’s calling-card filmmaking at its most efficient, a savvy neo-noir from a young Turk with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

This year’s “The Dark Knight Rises” from Warner Home Video is, in the current Hollywood context, about as far as a calling card can take you: a superhero blockbuster that inspires cultish obsession and cost 50,000 times as much as “Following.”

More than franchise movies, Nolan’s Batman films have become, for better or worse, cultural events, passionately defended by their fans and — certainly in…

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