How Much Streaming is Really Worth to Artists: a Consumption Analysis

Interesting article on how streaming services compensate artists currently and what will need to be done in the future to attribute for the trends seen in the music industry.

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The streaming debate has been a watershed moment in artist empowerment, a discussion which has allowed them discover that they can have a meaningful voice in the digital debate.  Crucially it has also been a democratization of the artist voice.  In the days of Napster it was only the superstar artist who got airtime to argue for (Chuck D) or against (Lars Ulrich) file sharing.  Now in the days of social media the playing field has been levelled.  The streaming debate has also been a coming of age for artists as business people, coming to terms with the wealth of analytics and sales data they now have at their fingertips.

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All of this has been good and positive, and it is an evolution that I look forward to seeing continue.  However there has been an unfortunate by-product of the process.  With an artist posting their latest streaming versus…

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