#PoliticalChat: Obama and what this may mean for America

Obama gets reelected!

Obama being all presidential and stuff (and looking pretty fly)

The biggest political event this year just took place, and incumbent President Obama edged out contender Hon. Mitt Romney by 80 electoral votes. As compared to previous presidential races, this one was not as big of a nail-biter as people I expected it to be. Click here to read a detailed description of the election results.

The main issue now for Obama to overcome is to prove to the American public that they indeed did make the correct choice. Many of his opponents claimed that while in office, Obama was unable to get much done (and trust me, my family NEVER let me hear the end of it). In order to put the crazy talk to rest, Obama needs to show Americans that good change can come to those who wait for it. It will be interesting to see how the taxes on high-income families will benefit the rest of the budget and deficit. Personally, I’d like to see Obama reinstate funding to NASA and other research-related departments. And, of course, provide more for education on all levels. Also, I’m really excited to see Obama follow through with his #Equality promises. I’ve always been a fan of equal rights for all, and that was definitely a hot-ticket issue for me when deciding on a candidate to lead us into the next four years.

In terms of Louisiana amendments I hoped would not pass, the Medicaid Trust Fund protection amendment passed… While this money could have been one of the main saviors to higher education funding in the great state of Louisiana, state Universities and colleges will just have to look for other ways to get money to attract more impressive students. The vote itself was two-to-one in favor of keeping the Fund intact. For more info on the amendments that passed (and those that did not fare so well), click here.

Other noteworthy news to come out of today’s election results:

It is also important to consider the implications of social media on this election. Never have I ever been accosted so much regarding my political affiliation than since August of 2012. And of all places, it was on Facebook. While all of this political noise may have helped me purge myself of some crazier acquaintances, it also made me realize just how different this election season was from past ones.

For example, social media’s power to mobilize the masses was proven with a higher voter turnout among the younger crowd and minorities than most elections. In addition, which I found interesting, was the “promoted” twitter trend this morning from Obama’s PR team; the hashtag on twitter said “VoteObama;” while it is simple, I saw nothing in regards to Romney this morning, showing me that Obama knew how to connect better to me and remind me to vote.

Obama’s social media team was smart to purchase a promoted trending topic! Look at him embracing all this new technology

Obama’s team was just that much better; by not focusing on negative tactics and not ostracizing his opponent (see Clint Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” skit in full), Obama was able to change the tone of the conversation and focus on the issues and not the personal attacks. Also, Obama was just so personable. He had a personality to which people could relate. In this day and age, people are looking to connect with others on a more personal level. They want to know that the other person truly has their best interests at heart.

Obama connects with his followers and even sends personalized tweets, signed “bo”

Personally, in terms of the economy and the current state of the government, I believe neither candidate had a very strong platform, but rather, both would lead the country to becoming better (each obviously in his own way). The only thing I could not stand about Romney was his lack of regard for proper international relations. How would the US stay a major player in the global economy when he pissed off messed up so much during his European tour…

I’m just waiting for Hilary Clinton to throw her hat back in the ring.


I’ll leave you with this heartwarming great tweet from our incumbent leader:

The family man. FOUR MORE YEARS!