Lifehouse teams up with UK songstress Natasha Bedingfield to deliver the chillingly beautiful ‘Between the Raindrops’ #SongOfTheMoment

Walking between the raindrops | Riding the aftershock we stand cool | Off into the sunset | Living like there’s nothing left to lose | Chasing after gold mines | Crossing the fine lines we knew | Hold on and take a breath | I’ll be here every step walking | Between the raindrops with you

– Lifehouse, “Between the Raindrops”


Artist: Lifehouse

Song: “Between The Raindrops” Feat. Natasha Bedingfield

Album: TBA



I guess it was time for a new Lifehouse song to infiltrate my iTunes Library…

Lifehouse is back at it with the country-tinged love song “Between The Raindrops.” With it’s mellow composition, Lifehouse sticks to what it does best: crooning about relationships and sticking together no matter what (look to previous hits “Hanging By A Moment” and “You and Me“). For some reason this song reminds me of a western film. Like Clint Eastwood is going to pop out and start singing this song to me (which actually would be a really cool, not going to lie).

Alas, I don’t think Clint would be down to sing songs to people… He’s too much of a badass. He’d make the song sing itself to you! (Insert laughter for terrible Chuck Norris-esque joke)

Also, this song reminds me of last year’s soft rock break-up anthem “Broken Strings” by James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado. If anything, Lifehouse probably used that song as inspiration when creating this sappy but awesome ballad.

One thing I’d like to note is just how angelic Natasha Bedingfield’s voice is when she sings this song. I mean, I know she’s an amazing singer (I’ve been a fan since she released “Single” in the UK in 2004), but damn. That voice is just so soothing and amazing.

The melody is very reminiscent of someone marching toward a distinct goal, which, when paired up with these lyrics, tends to send the listener on a journey of trying to make sense of the relationship they may currently be involved in. I feel like if you’re in a relationship and you don’t feel like walking between the raindrops with your significant other, there may be cause for a split. But it’s this journey through the turmoil (or in this case, the changing melodic sections of the song) that makes that bond (or in this case, the chorus) so strong. It’s like, you can throw all this shit stuff at us (Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield’s song-length relationship) and they will stick with each other through thick and thin.

Overall, if you’re looking to replace that overplayed Lifehouse song on your iPod, “Between the Raindrops” is a great alternative. You won’t be disappointed.


GRADE: ★★★★☆


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