#Sugababes classic will make your enemies feel ‘Blue’ #SongOfTheMoment #ThrowbackThursdays


“What you were all about | Trying to use me but your game ran out | You can’t take advantage of me | My eyes are open now | Trying to use me to get into my crowd | You’re all about the hype”

– Sugababes (Keisha, Mutya and Heidi), “Blue”


Artist: Sugababes (circa 2002)

Song: “Blue”

Album: Angels with Dirty Faces, released August 2002



This is definitely a throwback… I remember when I began my near-decade-long love affair with the Sugababes in 2004 (after they released their iconic No. 1 single “Push The Button“); “Blue” was one of those gems of a song that you could only find on an album, instead of on the radio. From its powerful bass -synth noise distortions that give it rhythm, to the digital “clicks and flicks,” to the choral arrangement using guitars and drums, this song shows off the versatility of a good pop song in the beginnings of an electro-infused age.

Of course, with its low-rising noises and hodge-podge of avant-garde technological blips, the listener (or at least me) feels on edge and gives the song more attention than usual. It’s not your typical happy-go-lucky pop song where the boy gets the girl; instead, the Sugababes deal with a more dark topic of how some people can use others. Producers Howard Jones, Robbie Bronniman and Robin Boult create a melody and general “feel” to suit the Sugababes’ scathing lyrics.

Side note: Did you know the US has never had a proper launch of the Sugababes? We were never blessed with their back-catalogue of amazingness. Damn those Brits and their ability to get ALL the awesome music of the world.

The lyrics themselves tell off someone who had tried to use one of the members to further him or herself in the world. Everyone hates people who do this — btw, if you are one of the people who are cool with this, let me know, because you, sir, are an anomaly.

I know what you’re thinking: why is Kittu listening to songs like this?

Well, I fell in love with this song when I was in high school. Yes, high school. One of the most trying times in anyone’s life. Imagine growing up as an awkward Indian teenaged boy at a Catholic high school, where you were essentially told that being different and not following the doctrines of the Church means that you’re going to be damned for the rest of your life. Yes, this was my life. Sure, my fellow classmates did indulge a lot in going against Church doctrine, but you forget how much of a rule-follower I’ve been my whole life.

So, take that type of experience and combine it with the fact that I could listen to music that resonated with how I was feeling: moody, wronged, angsty. I was not by any means a troubled youth, but I definitely wanted to understand the world and why people worked the way they did. People and the reasonings behind their actions have always been an interest of mine.

Anyways, this song, taken from the Sugababes’ second album (and second lineup change) really solidified my love for this amazing girl group. Alas, I lost all faith in the group once they removed Keisha from the lineup, but that’s another story for another day.

Here’s to those asses that are ‘blue’ and just try to manipulate the hell out of you: you may have been successful for a second, but remember, people always get what they deserve.


GRADE: ★★★★☆


How do you feel about this song? Any other suggestions for #ThrowbackThursday?