#Isaac won’t ‘Rock Me Like a Hurricane’

Update: 11:30 a.m. CST (8/30)

My brothers are doing well. The water rose to the “lip of the front door,” according to Sigmund Pannu (my oldest brother), but then subsided. The National Guard are cruising through with their boats looking for people to pick up. But, my family is okay. Thank you, god!


Update: 12:28 a.m. CST (8/30)

The storm has passed in Baton Rouge. I was fortunate to have electricity throughout this whole ordeal, so I could wash all those soaked towels from my many leaks in the apartment.

Back in LaPlace, though, there’s only .5 inches between the water and the sun room. Mother Nature already claimed the garage, all the cars, the storage rooms, my dad’s office and the prayer room (Waheguru, forgive my crazy brothers for not making sure the holy books were safe beforehand… they were not thinking, I guess? — BTW, ppl, I’m Sikh)

After cleaning all of the pint glasses and bowls I own, it’s time to call this Hurricane party of one a night.


Update: 9:15 p.m. CST

So Belle Terre is now flooded. Literally only an inch between the sun room getting water. This marks the FIRST hurricane to flood my home. WTH. I officially hate Isaac.

Again, ppl please pray for those who have lost so much already. I’ve been watching the news all day and hearing such powerful stories of resilience in the wake of the storm. Lousianians are troopers and we go hard. Mother Nature, don’t mess with us.


The hurricane in all its glory. I hate it.

Mother Nature is one tricky person. A full seven years after wreaking havoc on my friends and family via one of the least-represented names in the South (I know people who deliberately changed their name to less offensive alternatives) — Katrina for those who don’t know — Nature is back with a vengeance. One of the biggest differences is that Katrina was a category three (or four, depending on who you ask), while Isaac is a category one.

Here is a visual representation of the differences in elevation in New Orleans

Let me start by explaining the differences among the various categories:

  • Category 1: winds from 74-95 mph
  • Category 2: winds from 96-110 mph
  • Category 3: winds from 111-129 mph
  • Category 4: winds from 130-156 mph
  • Category 5: winds over 157 mph

So these winds are pretty crazy nonetheless. But, I will say, I’m still pretty surprised at the amount of rain and flooding that has occurred as a result of this storm. Many parts of Plaquemines and even my hometown of LaPlace have been reported to have sustained lots of flooding. Thank god, my neighborhood is okay (Belle Terre) but I’ll be praying for my fellow LaPlace residents (and fellow Southerners for that matter).

I will say that the way I feel about Hurricanes in general has changed over the years. I remember back in the day, when I would love to have a hurricane because it meant that I could have an extended weekend… I also had no cares in the world, no apartment to make sure didn’t receive water damage and I also had my family to be my “thunder buddies.”

I actually remember when we evacuated for Hurricane Ivan in 2004… I made my dad pack ALL of my CDs. And when I say ALL, I mean like 200 of my CDs. Needless to say, my dad thought I was crazy. But, he still let me bring them. I had all of my CDs, but only clothes enough for four days. But I didn’t care. I was thirteen years old.

It’s funny how priorities change and you become more responsible. I guess that’s what they call growing up (says the guy who is currently catching up on his guilty pleasure “Pretty Little Liars…” AND “The Sopranos“). Either way, though, I’m going to ride the hell out of this hurricane and show it who’s boss. Isaac will not ruin my apartment by sneaking leaks in my ceiling and through my walls and get away with it. I’m so over this storm.

On a side note, I do get to work crisis communication for LSU through their Emergency Operations Center… It’s been pretty great so far.

Screw Isaac! I’ll update you on the aftermath in two days. Pray that I don’t lose my electricity!

Side note: Just heard that one of my favorite childhood restaurants, Middendorfs, just flooded the bottom half. As I stated earlier, screw Isaac!

A pic of the flooding occurring on the other side of Lake Maurepas. It sucks because they JUST remodeled. Here’s to rebuilding and picking up the pieces. Yet again.