Long time no post… So much to share with y’all! #NYCAdventures

So I’m a terrible blogger. Sorry! I know it’s been a while since my last life post. But as I always say, it’s better late than never, right? 😉

This summer truly has been epically amazing. Nothing short of spectacular. Okay. I’ll do shout-out styled run-throughs of what I’ve been up to:


  • Started working June 11 in the NY Health practice
  • Clients have included GNC, AstraZeneca, a non-profit organization called GlobalGirl Media and I got the privilege of working on the National Health Media Team, where we pitch directly to the media (in other words, I have been getting A LOT of media training)
  • Got to have dinner at Richard Edelman’s house! (Who, incidentally, happens to be a baller)
  • Have had the chance to network with the coolest/greatest PR professionals ever
  • Celebrated my culture with my coworkers
  • Numerous opportunities to give back to the community through volunteer efforts with the company (which, btw, is EXTREMELY underrated… I wish more companies allowed us give back to the community in such capacities)
  • Met the greatest group of interns ever. They’ve made my nightly adventures in the five boroughs so much more memorable.

This is what I get paid to do: celebrate my culture at work. It’s pretty much amazing 🙂

Otherwise, I’ve been painting the town red, whether it be going to shows (Evita and I’ll be going to see Chicago tomorrow, which will feature one of my fellow interns, Melissa Mahan!) Besides that, I’ve just been spending lots of money on clothes, food and clubbing “entertainment” (yes, my parents will kill me when I get back home). BTW, I’ve definitely learned that you can NEVER have enough #ShakeShack or #Chipotle.

These past two months really have helped me grow into the person I’ve always inherently been. It’s freeing being so far away from the same people you been around since you were 13 years old. Living in NYC has shown me just how much of an awesome person I really am (and the amazing things I have going for me). ← I know that last statement may come across as me being full of myself, but I feel that all of my friends and I are truly amazing individuals. I also know that I have been blessed with some great opportunities, so I am just celebrating my good fortune and not allowing any crazies to rain on my parade.

Sure, I’ve had my share of haters who have tried bringing me down this whole summer, but at the end of the day, those people have to live with the fact that they have fabricated lies and manipulated people a third half their age because they have nothing better to do with their lives. They have helped me realize that people I believed were indeed my friends were not at all, and that people can so easily be bought. (I was VERY disappointed in some of my “friends” from this past year… I’m just glad I found this out now instead of later when stakes would have been higher).

But on a more positive note, I’m in love with NYC. There is no city that is truly like it;  they have everything, and every type of person. The best part is that people are way more nice than we give them credit for; so many people have helped me get out of tight spots in the city.

But this city is full of so much beauty and culture… It’s like NOLA, but on a grander scale (and WAY more expensive lol). The best part is that you can find the greatest things when you least expect it, whether it be a “hipster” iPhone case or the best street food to ever be on the streets of Manhattan, you’ll definitely find it on the island.

All in all, whether I’m partying it up with J-Woww (and yes, The Situation was in full creep-mode), going to an Indian look-for-your-future-spouse networking event, random free concerts, huge parades that close down most of the streets, attending a wedding in Long Island (that was a trek…), going to outdoor food markets, walking along the piers, having my friends throw cones at the crazies that stalk the streets of Manhattan late at night or even just hanging out at a sports bar with some friends, it’s all special and worth it because of the people I’m with. Thank you, you crazy-awesome summer friends (Uyen Truong, Alex Jacobs, Matt Miscione, Alyssa Vaughan, Enrique Questell, Michelle Landry, Marina Cutaia, Jessica Phillips, Lauren Leonard, Monica Dominguez, Annie Hundley, Gina Jagtiani, Versha Sharma, and the countless others who have made this summer one of the best).

The #EdelCrew. Man I’m going to miss you guys. (From left: Alex Jacobs, Matt Miscione, Alyssa Vaughan, Uyen Truong and Me!)

I’ll be updating you on specifics regarding my musical adventures soon. Stay tuned for posts on electronic DJs, bands and the Latin flavors of Spain and the Bronx.