Song of the Moment: Coming home from the bars has never been so much fun with ‘Baby Come Home’

I got no doubt | That would be just fine | If you were living without me | I just can’t let you start it tonight…

– Jake Shears, “Baby Come Home”


Artist: Scissor Sisters

Song: “Baby Come Home”

Album: Magic Hour (May 29, 2012)



Scissor Sisters have done it again. A flirty glam-rock ode to imploring your significant other to return from a night out, the Scissor Sisters incorporate piano-based melodies with string instruments, a technique they perfected on their sophomore effort, “Ta-Dah.”

“Baby,” besides sounding like it could have been part of Elton John’s new LP, is a mesh of the piano-rock sound with the newer electronic style Jake Shears and the gang tried to do on their follow-up “Night Work” — The only song that legitimately captured the pure, raw sexual electronic sound and energy they were looking for was third and final single “Invisible Light.”

Lyrically, the song is about a significant other being out on the town while the Scissor Sisters are waiting for them to return home. Shears coos, “I don’t know where you’ve been, but I still wanna make love tonight, when you come stumbling in.” In other words, Shears trusts his significant other, but just wants to have fun with the person he loves before the night ends. It ends up just being about wanting to spend time with the one you love, a song premise that never really gets old.

I love how Jake and the gang sing about trust and just wanting to see someone. In a world where people are becoming more wary of their terrible significant others and people are distrusting of those who care most for them, this is a great lesson to remind people of the good things out there. It reminds me that my own significant other should be able to go out and have fun with friends. And my significant other can see me afterward. This would end up being the best policy anyway. I mean, I’m always busy having to finish up homework or study for some test; this song just confirms that my own significant other can go out, have fun and then sleep over after I’ve finished working for the night.  People can go out and have fun with friends and then return to their respective Scissor Sister!

Overall, this song is a throwback to all the good things of Scissor Sister’s expansive discography (three albums and countless remixes). After listening to this on repeat, I’m excited to play their new LP, “Magic Hour,” until the disc is so scratched up that no CD player can read it.


GRADE: ★★★★½