Song of the Moment: Nelly Furtado has some ‘Big Hoops’ to fill…

I can move fast, I can move slow, | I can go places nobody else goes. | Everybody say hey, they goin’ at it all night and day…

– Nelly Furtado, “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)”


Artist: Nelly Furtado

Song: “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)”

Album: The Spirit Indestructible (Tentative Release Date: June 2012)



When I first started listening to this single, I was immediately reminded of Furtado’s amazing “S#!% on the Radio (Remember the Days)” from back in the day (2001 to be exact). I LOVED that song. “Big Hoops” seems to combine the childlike punky innocence of “Radio” with the more urban influences (think bonus track “Let My Hair Down“) from her last full-length English LP Loose, one of my top 10 albums ever made.

Now, when it comes to an artist like Nelly, I have hold her to a higher standard. I mean, this is the same musician who delivered flawless singer/songwriter classics like “Turn Off the Light” and “Try” and even the sickest Timbaland-produced single to ever be played on the radio, my favorite, “Maneater(skip to the 1:30 mark to start the song).

With the bar being set so high, Nelly fails to impress me as much as she should with this single. While she sings about going fast and slow or whatever pace she wants to set for her lover, she loses the depth in her lyrics I used to respect. Here she just sounds like a generic pop princess singing about a melody and throwing in some sexual innuendos while talking about getting hit on by random guys at a club.

At most, this single serves as a great preview or buzz-single for what I hope will be an album full of introspective singer-songwriter club romps.

I will say, though, the tribal/dubstep/trip-hop electronic breakdown around the the three-minute mark really shows how versatile Furtado has become as an artist. Especially since Furtado has had the chance to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music from the past couple of years (including Pharrell WIlliams of N.E.R.D., Tiësto (side note: check out my Q&A with the famous DJ HERE), Flo Rida, James Morrison and others), I’m not surprised the beat is sick. After all, it is a Darkchild production.

Here’s to hoping that Nelly will not hang up her writing chops to sell out on some booty-shaking grooves. Let’s pray that they will be floor-filling numbers with compelling lyrics that change the world.


GRADE: ★★★½☆


What’re your thoughts on this single?

I’ll leave you with Nelly’s claim-to-fame first hit single, “I’m Like A Bird.”