Song of the Moment: Night Drive

Take me, break me | Every mile further there’s a part of me that slips away. | One day, you’ll see | Even if you got down on your knees you couldn’t make me stay.

– The All-American Rejects, “Night Drive”



Artist: The All-American Rejects

Song: “Night Drive”

Album: Move Along (2005)


So this is more of a throwback post; and it also goes to show you the wonders of the shuffle function on iTunes.

As I was sitting down typing up my History paper (I know, I’m the lame one doing homework on Saturday afternoon), iTunes decided to surprise me with this gem of a song from my high school days. I, like most of my friends at the time, went through a phase of listening to The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and other emotional bands (cleverly renamed “emo” bands – not to be confused with that screamo crap). We were young. That’s all I can say.

I believe the thing that attracted me most to this song was the high-energy melody; this song used to get my adrenaline pumping in the morning for my commute to high school (I’d have to drive 30 minutes every morning to get there…).

“Night Drive,” along with many of its album counterparts, definitely pulled me in through its addictive beats and relatable lyrics — remember, I was in high school. Every little thing that went wrong seemed like the end of the world as I knew it.

Being a teenager, of course I had nights where things did not pan out the way they were supposed to. I’d hop in my car and just drive around to calm myself down. There was just something about driving around blaring my music in my little ‘ole Camry that just made me so much happier. It was probably listening to songs like this and realizing people had WAY worse issues and problems to deal with. So I guess there’s some silver lining to emo music: it makes you realize that complaining about your problems really sucks to listen to, but rather finding solutions to your problems is definitely the way to go.

Either way, this song kept me screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs while busting a move in the driver’s seat (an art one should DEFINITELY master before trying to pull off). Thank you, Tyson and the rest of the Rejects, for squeezing into my iPod and bringing up the few fun memories of my high school years.


Heather Morris wishes she could car-dance and car-sing as good as my friends and me 😉

Now to the actual rating of the song: melodically, the song is catchy and has a steady beat. In other words, this song will get stuck in your head and you will definitely be tapping your foot to it. Lyrically, Tyson explains how the girl who keeps trying to hurt him has him driving away to calm down (i.e.: This girl sucks. She’s bad news. He should find someone a little less high-maintenance.).

Also, Tyson is hilarious. With lyrics like “even if you got down on your knees,” one may wonder if he got writing lessons from tongue-in-cheek sellouts Nickelback.

My favorite part about the song has to be the chorus. By far the chorus. With the “oohs” in the background, guitar riffs and drums to keep the beat fresh in my head, the Rejects definitely struck gold with this album cut.

I want to note that this song was from the band’s sophomore album. In other words, they definitely did not slump; on the contrary, they actually improved and dominated. Each single from the album actually went Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 (Surprisingly, the lowest-charting single was one of my favorite singles from that era, “Move Along,” at No. 15).

All in all, it was a great song back in the day. Now, it’s just an emotional wreck of a song that shows us just how amazing and terrible the legacy of our iTunes libraries can be.

GRADE: ★★★★½

What’re your thoughts on this awesome song? Comment below 🙂