Madonna really is a ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Madonna is surrounded by scantily-clad male dancers throughout the black-and-white, putting-your-desires-on-display video for her new single “Girl Gone Wild”

Madonna’s new video for “Girl Gone Wild” (you can check out my review of the song HERE) finally released today, and I’m just in shock. How can an artist go from the football-frenzy that was “Give Me All Your Luvin‘,” probably one of the most poptastic videos of the year, to the most grungy, erotic, BDSM-inspired, make-you-take-a-shower-after-watching music video?

It seems as though Madonna is paying homage to her most iconic videos. And by iconic videos, I mean “Erotica,” “Justify My Love,” “Human Nature,” “Bad Girl;” the ones from her infamous “SEX” era. It’s just not what you’d expect from a woman who is trying to appeal to the mass audiences.

And you know what, I don’t really mind Madonna throwing up the proverbial middle finger to the masses. I think she’s just concentrating on creating art she knows certain fan populations will eat right up (She DOES have a huge homosexual following, hence it makes sense for all the homoerotic imagery). This is Madonna at her finest: when she’s doing what she wants and how she wants it. She’s not playing the industry game, but rather rewriting what is acceptable in pop culture and redefining what is expected of a legendary act such as herself.

Take a look yourself:

Let’s go through the scenes: Madonna starts with a close-up where she prays to God (probably for the debauchery she will then embark upon within the next three minutes…). Images of apples and scantily-clad make dancers are intercut with the Queen of Pop, adding to the sexually-charged atmosphere of the video. Of course there are cigarette motifs rampant throughout the video (oral fixation/phallic symbol, anyone?). Even the costumes a borderline scandalous: full-grown men are wearing stockings and high-heels, not to mention a lot of make-up. At some point, chains and more men pop up on-screen. And chaos ensues.

Madonna does still have it, though (And by “it,” refer to the “X” factor – that undefinable star quality). She is able to pull off some dance moves without breaking a hip (which, at 80 53, is a feat within itself). She unapologetically struts and thrusts herself in each frame, showing the audience that she really doesn’t give a damn.

All in all, the video is an ode to the hedonistic desires that lie within every human; it’s a case of the Freudian id coming out and receiving the pleasures it desires so fervently. “Girl Gone Wild” is just that: Madonna going wild and giving into every erotic desire she could possibly have.

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