Song of the Moment: Doing It Wrong

Artist: Drake

Song: “Doing It Wrong”

Album: Take Care (debuted at No. 1, sold approx. 1.5 million as of Feb. 2012)

Genre: R&B

We live in a generation of | not being in love | and not being together.

But we sure make it feel | like we’re together, | ’cause we’re scared to see each other | with somebody else.

– Drake, “Doing It Wrong”

Taken from his amazing second album, Take Care, Drake breaks it down to his listeners, filling them in on the toxicity of some relationships.

Lyrically, the song seems simple enough. Drake croons about what he shouldn’t do with a girl, post-break up. This song is quite possibly the sweetest way to tell an ex to leave you alone.

The story of Drake's life: he breaks her heart and she probably follows him around trying to get him to commit... He's like the anti-Taylor Swift.

It’s like Drake is the anti-Taylor Swift… Instead of saying that the girl he dated is a scum bag, he just tells his ex-lover that things just don’t work anymore. And then blames it on the times and public sentiment (or generational values).

Besides that, the song relies on a beautiful and ominous Don McLean sample (“The Wrong Thing To Do“). Melodically, Drake definitely crafted a haunting melody; from the synth usage to the artificial drum, to even the harmonica breakdown during the last minute. That last minute makes the song so worth the four-and-a-half minute wait.

This song, like every single song from most of the album, just sounds so fresh and amazing, all the while not sounding like every other song featured on pop or R&B radio. Way to do it big, Drake.

GRADE: ★★★★★

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