Rihanna Wants to Have Her Cake, And Eat It, Too

…She want that | cake, cake, cake, cake |

– Rihanna & Chris Brown, “Birthday Cake” (Single Remix)

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been getting close, releasing two duets after both performed separately at the Grammy Award Ceremony, Feb. 12, 2012.

Okay. While I thoroughly enjoy both singers for their musical contributions, I did not think I’d ever see the day these two would be sitting next to each other at an award ceremony taking pictures, let alone releasing TWO duets. Two. Two times Rihanna was in/around a recording studio with Chris Brown, AKA Mr. Woman Beater.

Personally, I do not believe anyone should be subject to that type of abuse. Ever. (You can click here for a report of the charges against Mr. Brown, but I’m not linking to the pics. They are just disgusting.)

My issue here is that while Rihanna has played the graceful card throughout the whole ordeal (she has never once bad-mouthed Chris regarding the violence he bestowed upon her — her father spoke out against the violence she incurred), I don’t think she should be collaborating with the man who caused her so much pain and mental anguish.

It’s almost as if Rihanna is suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome, but in a traumatic bonding fashion. All of the signs are there:

  • Tension Building Phase
  • The Violent Episode – After the 2009 Grammy Awards
  • and followed by the Honeymoon Phase (which she probably has been experiencing with Brown for the past two years)

And there is almost always a relapse of sorts…

I mean, Rihanna experiencing some sort of PTSD makes sense. Within the parameters of our existence, humans have shown the ability to develop complexes such as “capture bonding.” This pretty much means that people who were captured from neighboring tribes assimilated to their “new” life in the captor’s tribe within days. The captured person inherently worked past his or her previous framework of life and would adjust to the new life for fear of violence or death. This is more commonly known as “hazing” in today’s culture. And of course, “capture bonding” is directly linked to Stockholm Syndrome.

I just don’t think Rihanna is comprehending the message she is sending out as a role model to victims around the world. The woman who harnessed her sexuality to become a female sex and empowerment symbol goes back to the man who abused her. And helps him become even more successful than he already is. I’m all for being a Good Samaritan, but I’m just really scared of the repercussions of her mixed signals (especially when you take into account the lyrics for the song).

While the “Birthday Cake” Remix is great (it’s a definite Rihanna single: chock-full of attitude, oozing with sex, just an all-around raunch fest), there were so many other OBVIOUS (and probably better) choices for a partner in crime for the single remix: Trey Songz, Jason DeRülo, Drake (hell yes!), Mario (well, maybe; he’s known to beat his mother…), just anyone besides Chris Brown.

Side note: The other collaboration is a remix to Chris Brown’s new single “Turn Up the Music.”

Here is hoping that victims in terrible situations do not look at this terrible decision and emulate it.

What are your thoughts on the song and Rihanna’s choice collaborator? Comment Below!