Song Of The Moment: Girl Gone Wild

Artist: Madonna

Song: “Girl Gone Wild

Album: MDNA, to be released March 26, 2012


Damn. Madonna is never going to get old… At least musically.

After the floptastic football-frenzied, cheerleader-inspired “Give Me All Your Luvin'”, Madonna steps up her game and releases the club stomper “Girls Gone Wild.”

Take a listen here:

I have to admit, if this came on at a club when I’m out (which unfortunately never happens anymore… at least since Vegas lol), I wouldn’t be able to control my convulsions epic dance moves. The song itself sounds like a Benny Benassi throwback, with references to Madonna’s older hits (the “Forgive Me” lyric in the breakdown part specifically pays homage to her Confessions On The Dance Floor hit “Sorry“). It’s a definite floor stomper.

This is the classic Madonna dance floor anthems I’ve been waiting for. Now we can all just forget about the atrocities of the Hard Candy era.

GRADE: ★★★★½

Side note: This is the second time I’ve been able to tell the producer of the song without looking it up. These guys are not masking their beats. At all. I guess it’s good to have a distinct sound, especially in the dance/electronic music scene.