Katy Perry and her 6 No. 1s (from one album)

Well, she did it. Katy Perry actually got six No. 1s from one album (if you let her count the new songs from the re-release of her multi-platinum sophomore effort, Teenage Dream).

The many personas pop sensation Katy Perry has taken on in an effort to rack up the MOST No. 1s from one album.

The song that finally pushed her over was her new hit “Part Of Me.” While the song itself hadn’t really changed since the demo version leaked online back in 2010 (including the lyrics), many critics are attributing the song to be Perry’s kiss-off to her famous ex-beau, Russell Brand.

Now, I know this can’t be the case. If she wrote the song before 2010 (which has to be the case if the demo leaked with most of the lyrics staying the same as the “polished” version), then “Part Of Me” has to be about another ex. My guesses are on Mr. Travie McCoy, the frontman of Gym Class Heroes and rapper famous for his solo performance of “Billionaire” with Bruno Mars. Unless Perry had known that she would divorce Brand back in 2010 (which I wouldn’t hold it past some Hollywood couples; many have been notorious about breaking news at times that will benefit their careers), “Part Of Me” can’t be solely about Brand!

Side note: I know that she added the “diamond ring” lyric into the single version of the song; with that in mind, the single (not demo) double dips into the Perry-exes pool.

With that out of the way, Katy Perry should be commended for this feat. Not only did the song debut at No. 1 (which in itself is extremely hard to do), she was able to get the media interested in a so-so song, allowing her to reach the top spot. “Part Of Me” is no “I Kissed A Girl,” “Teenage Dream” or even “T.G.I.F.” for that matter, yet “Part” has followed in the footsteps of these amazing pop masterpieces.

With this, Perry has broken Michael Jackson’s personal best of five No. 1s from one album (from his album Bad). It just goes to show: pop music, no matter what packaging, will always dominate the Hot 100! (Thank God!)

I’ll leave you with a quick trip down memory lane: Teenage Dream spawned seven Top 5 (Top 3) songs, all of whom reached the pinnacle spot except a simpler melodic version of the “Teenage Dream” single upbeat ballad, “The One That Got Away;” it managed to reach No. 3 on the Hot 100. So here goes:

“California Gurls” – Featuring Snoop Dogg

No. 1 (for six consecutive weeks beginning June 19, 2010; Song of the Summer: 2010)

“Teenage Dream”

No. 1 (for one week: Sept. 18, 2010)


No. 1 (for four non-consecutive weeks beginning Dec. 18, 2010; MTV VMA for “Video of the Year”)

“E.T.” – Single Version Featuring Kanye West

No. 1 (for five non-consecutive weeks beginning Apr. 9, 2011; MTV VMA for Best Collaboration)

“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” – Remix Version Featuring Missy Elliott

No. 1 (for two consecutive weeks beginning Aug. 27, 2011; People’s Choice Award for Favorite Music Video)

“The One That Got Away” – Remix Version Featuring B.o.B.

No. 3

“Part Of Me”

No. 1 (debut last week; 20th single in the history of the Billboard charts to ever achieve this feat)

Which one of these 7 singles is YOUR favorite? Comment below!