To Whitney Houston, one of the greatest voices of all

The beautiful songstress was found dead today, Feb. 11, in her hotel room in Los Angeles, Calif.

It was reported earlier today that one of the most amazing performers of the past 30 years was found dead in her hotel room (Beverly Hills Hilton). She was in town to attend this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony.

Houston was one of those entertainers that no matter what the circumstances of her personal life, you could never quite count her out. She always came back stronger. She taught people that no matter what obstacles stand in your way (abusive relationships, substance abuse, too many other problems to count), you can always rise above the negativity and show everyone why they loved you in the first place.

At the rate we are losing these epic voices (Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney), we’ll have to resort to celebrating the music already produced and not have anything new to change the landscape of pop music!

This lady was the MOST AWARDED ARTIST in history! She literally had over 400 trophies from various award shows. She was the only female to have seven (7) consecutive No. 1s! Those are no ordinary feats. Her voice opened the doors for countless other African American females to grab their piece of the showbiz pie. I mean, come on. She was the first woman to ever receive the End-of-the-Year No. 1 Album distinction (for her record-breaking debut Whitney Houston).

This lady had a knack of being able to breaking barriers and winning everyone over. For example, I did not actively start listening to American music until I was twelve years old. But for some reason, her music actually crossed over into my non-Western music bubble. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I had been familiar with her singles (“I Will Always Love You” and “How Will I Know” to be exact) before I even discovered the rest of Western pop culture.

Of course, most of the speculation regarding her death has been that Ms. Houston overdosed on drugs. While I hope this was not the case, it seems the most likely. Houston has had a history of drug problems, which primarily stemmed from her marriage to entertainer Bobby Brown.

Overall, this beautiful and talented performer’s legacy should be celebrated. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to discover one of my own favorite artists of all time, Janet Jackson.

Let’s take a moment to pray for her family and friends. Houston was a diva through and through; it’s only fitting that she steal the spotlight from music in general on the weekend of the biggest music event of the year (this year’s Grammy’s Ceremony).

I’ll leave you with a song that proves she was one of the greatest vocalists of all: