Finals are OVER!

Lol, I don't party hard like most college students, but I still have a good time with friends... (The alternative pictures were foam parties and ppl going out wearing thongs over their clothes...)

My finals are FINALLY over! With this newfound time I could discover a new species or even work on curing some disease… But instead, I will watch copious amounts of TV.

This was me during the WHOLE weekend...

How is it that television has come to dominate my free time? I don’t really know. It may stem from the fact that the people portrayed on the tube for that prime hour seem so much more fantastic and dramatic compared to mine. It makes me appreciate the time and friends I do have left. (Now that’s kind of a paradox in itself… I appreciate the time I have yet I spend it watching television shows that help me appreciate it… That’s one convoluted circle.)

Right now, besides catching up on guilty pleasures like the CW lineup, I started watching “American Horror Story.” #AHS is one of the most raunchy and gory shows on TV right now (not counting reruns of “True Blood”).

The how itself pulls more from Creator Ryan Murphy’s hit medical drama “Nip/Tuck” than his more recent success “Glee.” With nudity in every other episode, it is no wonder the show has garnered much criticism and it’s appropriate rating (TV-MA).

After watching all 10 episodes this past weekend, I believe it is safe to say that Murphy knows good TV. #AHS pushes limits with its risqué plot twists and eccentric characters, but it is those same blurred lines that keep me coming back to see the next episode.

My real question is how do they even think to weave such elaborate storylines together? For example, the second episode was about a home invasion, in which a trio of serial killer idolizers broke into the main family’s house and tried to murder two of the inhabitants… How do they go about thinking of such disturbing plots? I mean, I know the human imagination is capable of the most disgusting and vile things ever, yet that episode legitimately scared me because of the abruptness of such an episode… It was the second episode of a new series!

Either way, this episode got me thinking about what truly scares me. It’s not necessarily things like the house or ghosts… It’s not things I KNOW would be out of my control. It’s the crazies who can affect my life without me realizing… The only scary episode so far for me have been the “Home Invasion” one and the one where Violet ingests certain medicines and has to vomit them up. Real violence, not the fake, unreal stuff. is what truly gets me under the covers. It goes like this: If I know that a place is haunted, I’m not stepping foot in it. I can control my destiny that way. But, when real people are involves and are trying to excise control onto me, that is when I truly get nervous.

Oh well. Thank God what is portrayed on television usually stays there… I’ll let you know if my apartment starts to manifest hot dead maids in skimpy outfits and other “scary” things 😉

What scares you? And how do you spend free time usually? Comment below.