End of the semester: #digitalbrands Semester-in-Review

Well, this semester has been very interesting. From having to keep up with digital trends and news to keeping a blog and updating countless forms of digital media, I have learned A LOT about how to keep my Klout score up and be an influential thought leader in the Internet age.

Pros of this class:

I got to learn about integrated marketing communications and APIs and gamification… Things I will be able to utilize later on in life. I also got to see real-world application of my PR skills. From helping LSU Admissions create a better plan to recruit students to pitching to an actual client who may or may not use my ideas, this class really opened my eyes up to what awaits me on the other side of college.


The lack of structure… I know this was the first class ever to take this course, but I love knowing what I will be learning and when I will be learning it. The class changed a lot over the semester and when it comes to my academics, I do not preach the Obama way of life (CHANGE!). I also was not a huge fan of the feedback received for grades via email. Some of the comments were harder to understand without face-to-face interaction (sad, I know, since this is a class about Digital Branding). I mean, when I did go to office hours and discuss the comments, things made a lot more sense.

Other than that, a standout moment from this class would be when… Marlaina made a comment about getting walking bronchitis. I literally laughed out loud for a good 5 minutes hearing her talk about walking from the DG house to the Journalism Building and getting walking bronchitis. It can’t get much better than that.

I truly will miss this group of people. The dynamic we created was unique; everyone had a niche in our group. I’m happy I took this course and met this awesome crowd.