Ultraviolet: the next best thing or just another passing fad?

The new Ultraviolet option for media consumers (screenshot of their website...)

I remember when my parents first got a DVD player… It was the coolest thing EVER. It played DVDs, VCDs, CDs, MP3 discs, the whole 9 yards.

These days, there are so many more ways to get that content… Whether it be the now-extinct HD DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Copy, VOD, Netflix or even the infamous Megavideo.

With this new “Ultraviolet” option, media and entertainment consumers will now have another “cloud” to throw their newly-purchased films and TV shows onto. It pretty much acts as a digital storage bin for those people with extra cash.

Now I know what you’re thinking: what’s the difference between this and a digital copy? There’s not much. Both of them can be streamed on a computer; Ultraviolet just seems to be a collision of Netflix, the Disney Movie Rewards streaming service and iTunes digital store. You can visit all of your purchases in your ultraviolet library online, but then you can also download copies of your purchased movies onto your harddrive. You can also upload the library onto your various devices (including your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, etc.). The only main difference between this Ultraviolet option is that the film industry is backing it.

Personally, this new Ultraviolet project does not fit into my perfect Apple life; at least with the digital copy option available in most “Special Edition” formats of Blu-Rays (the only type of movies I purchase 🙂 ) would automatically add to my iTunes Library, and then I could add them to my iLife! Ultraviolet adds too many steps in this process; it’s a more convoluted process now.

Overall, I understand what all of these sponsors are trying to do; they want to streamline the process and rename the “digital copy” included in DVD and Blu-Ray packaging. By renaming and creating a database specific to the user, theres sponsors can market straight to the user and get the user to become a more involved consumer who purchases films only through those sponsors.

It’s not a bad option by any means, but this option is certainly not revolutionary either.

Do you think that this will change the way people purchase films in stores? Comment below!