Madonna has returned from the grave of pop royalty

And she sounds pretty damn good.

And yes, Madonna will be performing this song, “Give Me All Your Love,” at the 2012 Superbowl.

Combining the most obnoxiously catchy songs of the past two years (approximately the same amount of time that has passed since her last album…), Madonna’s newly leaked song is like a survey of pop’s best moments of the recent past.

I think the thing I like the most about it is that it sounds nothing like a “Radio GaGa” Lady GaGa single would be- it’s the antithesis of her popular niche. While GaGa goes for gritty club electronic pop, Madonna is channelling the hoppy, positive, fluffy pop that will line her up to garner a sure-fire hit.

The song itself starts off with a schoolyard chant similar to a cheerleader cheering her football team onto the SEC Championship, except instead of chanting “LSU,” Madonna resorts to promoting the emotion she has not totally mastered (with the multiple divorces and all…) LOVE.

The song most notably pulls from Electronic DJ and producer Martin Solveig’s club and top 40 classic “Hello,” along with Avril Lavigne’s radio-friendly sellout return-to-form single “What the Hell” to take listeners on a roller coaster of playing hard-to-get in cougar town.

Mind you, if Madonna came up to me and asked me for all my love, I’d have to oblige… She’s still got it even though she’s 53.

She's still hot.

If this is the sound for the new LP, I’m going to be a very happy camper… It’s so poppy and positive and epic and catchy (all the things I love about pop music). It just automatically makes me jump up and start grooving.

I’ll leave you with one of Madonna’s best dance singles ever released (and she’s released 100+ songs): “Into The Groove.”

How do you feel about this new sound? Comment below!