Music Video Musings: Day 1

For my Intro to Film and Media Arts class, I have to work with a group of students to create a music video using some sort of musical arrangement. Being the avid Coldplay fan I am, I suggested to my group that we do “Fix You” from Coldplay’s “X&Y” album.

Here is what I’m thinking we should do for the video (and feedback is welcome):

  • Have all events in reverse chronological order (similar to the films “Memento,” “(500) Days of Summer” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“)
  • Make the viewing experience seem as if someone is rewinding a tape (similar to Coldplay’s “The Scientist” video)
  • Make the main characters a robot and its maker (the robot will be made of cardboard boxes — like this, this, this or this — this will add to the seriousness/comedic effect we want)
  • The beginning will show the robot “broken apart” on the parade grounds of LSU from the point of view of the robotmaker
  • The ending will be when the robotmaker tightens the last screw and the robot comes to “life”

Since the video only has to be 2.5-3 minutes long, we have to shoot a couple of different scenes also. I was thinking  that we could have a scene where the robot and its maker argue about something and the maker realizes that he cannot have any type of relationship with his robot. Another scene might even be the human teaching the robot how to do everyday tasks, such as writing, typing, driving, etc. We are also open to other scene suggestions.

Do you have any suggestions for this video? Comment below 🙂