Sorry for being M.I.A.!

It’s been a while since my last post, and so much has happened!

For the past six days, I have been living in a big bubble full of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) while attending the #prssanc (PRSSA National Conference) in Orlando, Fla. Since the wi-fi at the Renaissance Orlando SeaWorld was so terrible Without constant access to the internet, I have not been able to reconnect and update this blog :/. But, I finally got back to reality yesterday when I arrived back at the New Orleans Airport (MSY). With reality came Internet! So now I am back and ready to do this!

While at the conference, I got to learn a lot about leading trends in public relations, where someone with my experience stands in terms of employment in PR and I even got to speak with the leading professionals in the PR field! I’ll start my brief overview:

Friday: 7 a.m., waking up in the morning… We arrived Friday afternoon and the networking began immediately. We met a sole delegate from USM (University of Southern Mississippi) and he ended up tagging along with us. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that we had six girls in the LSU delegation.

Saturday: the sessions began. Craig Dezern, VP of Global PR at Disney Destinations, opened the conference with a spiel about international public relations and how to succeed in this new and expansive field.  After this, I went to many sessions about all kinds of PR, including two standouts: crisis communication and international communication. Most of these sessions reaffirmed much of what my own professors have told me and my classmates at LSU. A lot of the sessions had great info, but they were hard to flesh out…

The crisis one was legit; Richard Levick was such a dynamic speaker and he went through the major crises of the past five years, including BP, Taco Bell and more.

Of course, after that, we ended the evening at Downtown Disney… Let’s just say if you were there and heard a group of terrible singers crooning the Disney hits that proliferated through the place, you probably heard us… Disney knows how to make timeless classics that people will shamelessly sing at the top of their lungs :).

The next day, we finally went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!

I was so excited about this. WB really did a great job at creating a world where fans can relive their precious Harry Potter moments. WB incorporated various elements of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts (these are NOT STDs, btw) and threw in some authentic accents and memorabilia. So, in other words, the theme park was an epic experience. We got to go on the Dragon Challenge, Flight of the Hippogriff and even the Forbidden Journey ride. Everything looked so lifelike! The only thing I did not enjoy about the Forbidden Journey ride was the storyline of the ride… *SPOILER ALERT* It made no sense that dementors would chase people down to the Chamber of Secrets AND mess with Harry Potter as he was about to catch the Golden Snitch*END SPOILER ALERT*

After contributing a lot of money toward my ex-boss’ 401-K, I returned to my hotel with bags full of Honeydukes goods and the coolest clothes Muggles can buy.

Monday was less eventful, after the sugar and action-high I had at Universal Orlando. I just attended more sessions and finished the night with a closing dinner.

One thing that I will always remember from this weekend was my first taste of Butterbeer and the other many wonders of Harry Potter world. WB really outdid themselves in developing this theme park. Here’s hoping the lovely name of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter will NOT be bastardized anytime soon.

Do you think WB’s creation of Harry Potter World was a wise move? Do you think this park stays true to the fans’ vision? Let us know by commenting below 🙂