Facebook changes it up. Again. Introducing the new Timeline

The new Facebook layout boasts the ability to track someone from their inception... I still find it relatively creepy.

Facebook is redoing its layout… again.

This time, they are focusing on people’s individual profiles and highlighting posts and events they feel were integral parts of that person’s life.

While I fully believe that Facebook will choose good moments to represent me in their new “Lifebook” of sorts, I’m still nervous about the implications of missing some amazing life experience when I trek back memory lane.

For example, a huge part of the months of December to March during my senior year of high school were spent with my cousin from Malaysia, Nisha. This girl was awesome and we had loads of fun. I mean, we went on road trips every other weekend, we’d go see awesome movies, listen to music, hang out, watch “FRIENDS” (the best TV show ever made!). Unfortunately, Facebook does not highlight those experiences… They don’t even know that they exist.

The problem that arises with this new Timeline is that it gives people an image of who I am as Facebook sees me. But that’s not necessarily me.

Another thing they do not mention in my timeline (which I think would be hilarious) is my Halloween trip to Houston two years ago. I dressed up as a panda bear as a dare by my niece.

The costume I was "forced" to wear by my loving niece, Sonia Gupta (Batgirl in the back of the photo)

It was such a terrible costume choice so legit, yet my Timeline does not give my viewers the chance to see this “embarrassing” “awesome-uncle” moment.

It is moments like this that I treasure, not that party that was relatively fun but I have some photos from and told Facebook I was attending.

One thing I find funny is that Facebook wants you to upload more content to fill in the gaps it does not cover. I feel like this type of behavior will lock me in to Facebook for years to come… Why invest so much time into a service that you will do away with in two or three years? Facebook developers and CEO Mark Zuckerburg are a bunch of smarties.

Hopefully Facebook will adjust my Timeline to make it more representative of me and my beliefs, but until then, I guess I have to settle for the Facebook version of my Lifebook.