Brand Spankin’ New: Kelly Clarkson’s video for “Mr. Know It All” – Simplicity and Attitude=Relative Greatness

Wow, it’s been a long time since Ms. Kelly Clarkson has released a single…

The last time I remember was when OneRepublic frontman and relative musical genius Ryan Tedder recycled beats for both Clarkson and Beyoncé on their “hit” songs “Already Gone” and “Halo,” respectively. The media had a heyday comparing the two soulful singers… Mind you, I actually like Kelly more than Beyoncé, but Kelly definitely got the short end of the stick when collaborating with Tedder; “Halo” definitely blew “Already Gone” out the water.

But back to the new single: “Mr. Know It All.” You know, I was hoping for a smashing, excitement-spurring, get-off-your-feet-and rock-your-socks-off jam similar to her breakthrough hit, “Since You Been Gone.” Instead, I got something that melodically was similar to much of the pop-R&B songs on the radio… I mean, every time I hear the melody for the chorus, I immediately draw back to the most overplayed song of this year, Bruno Mars‘ “Just The Way You Are.” And that’s not a good flashback. I actually despise most of Mars’ singles because of their oversaturation on Top 40 radio… I don’t even listen to the radio much, but each time I turned it on, Bruno would be blasting out of my speakers.

Now, the video actually makes the song bearable. I love how it focuses on one set, with different shots to convey Clarkson’s range of emotions regarding the media.

The video makes great use of nonverbal cues – the wall is COVERED with articles that dissect Clarkson’s personal issues, including her fluctuating weight and love life. On a side note, I do like how there are more body shapes on the pop horizon… Adele, Clarkson and other singers with curvy figured prove that talent can seep through the pop world even if they are not a size 0 to 2. I feel like pop stars who are not stick-skinny may help girls become more comfortable with their appearance and fully embrace all of their unique physical traits. (This definitely reminds me of the scene in “American Beauty” where the beautiful daughter is ashamed of her “uniqueness” but shows the creeper boy next door.)

In the end, Clarkson proves that videos can be enjoyable on a smaller-than-usual budget. And she looks damn good in the video, so it’s a win-win.

Now, it is by no means my favorite Kelly video; it probably ranks second-lowest (my least-favorite is definitely “Don’t Waste Your Time” from the “My December” era), right behind “Already Gone.” And while it may not be great compared to other Clarkson videos, it’s still a solid pop video.

Do you believe Clarkson has hit rock-bottom with this song and video? Or rather, do you think this is the best thing she has ever released? Comment and let me know 🙂