Bollywood and Hollywood clash in new film “Speedy Singhs”/”Breakaway”

Throughout the years, there have been MANY Hollywood-Bollywood crossover films, and while most of them sucked, there were some glimmers of hope.

Well, now we are now surrounded by the same scenario: Hollywood and Bollywood actors getting together to show the struggles of a first-generation Indian in Canada whose parents want him to attend medical school, while the main character would rather play hockey.

“Speedy Singhs,” or as it will be known overseas (in America), “Breakaway,” will portray the pressures of living in an Indian household where two cultures clash. The storyline has been overdone, but none of those other Bollywood-only films have had Hollywood actors and rappers on their side.

Representing in the music community, Drake and Ludacris make cameos in the debut single for the soundtrack. I can understand Drake’s connection: new kid on the block, amazing rapping talent, probably sings “Oh Canada!” in his sleep. But Ludacris? His attachment to the first single is indeed ludicrous.

Check it out here:

Now, Luda spits great lyrics on top of the East-Western musical infusion, but I still find it odd. It’s almost as odd as seeing Snoop Dogg in a Bollywood song (this has happened… watch the credits for “Singh is Kinng“).

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe is attached to the project as the coach, while the beautiful Camilla Belle plays Melissa Winters, the cross-cultural love interest of main protagonist Rajveer Singh. Other big names known in western culture include Russell Peters, Indo-Canadian comedian.

At 95 minutes, this has to be the shortest Indian movie I will see in a long time. But just because it is short does not mean it will be bad. I’m actually kind of excited to see this movie. The film comes out Sept. 30. Watching this film will also give you insight into what many first-generation Indian children have to deal with on a regular basis. So, go see it!

Will you go see “Speedy Singhs?”