Brand Spankin’ New: Rihanna single proves what NOT to do in electro collabs

So, Rihanna’s new single “We Found Love” leaked. And yes, it features the sometimes full of himself amazing Calvin Harris. But just because you add two epic ingredients of music into a pot of musical gumbo does not mean you will stir out anything worthwhile :/.

Now, the arrangement of the music is what scares me. Rihanna did her thing on the track: she said a couple of lines, sang a chorus, moaned a little here and there… But Calvin Harris’ instrumental on this track just does not gel well with me. Everything but the chorus is great! But that’s just it – everything but the CHORUS (one of the most important parts of a pop song) is great.

Mind you, I do love me some Calvin Harris-produced electro tunage, including this gem featuring the “first girl to scream on the trackKelis:

But not in this case. Calvin, you overstepped your musical genius :(.

Otherwise, Rihanna should know better. Last year, she released the infectious and awesome “Who’s That Chick” with none other than David Guetta. That was an electro-pop masterpiece. The collaboration was Rihanna’s viral campaign for Dorito’s Chips, and it was an electronic collaboration done impeccably well.

While her song “Cheers (Drink to That)” is burning up the charts, Rihanna does still have the opportunity to back out of this atrocity… I mean, even though she can release whatever she wants and get a gold record out of it, I liked that her releases were constant in their quality. Releasing this song will be the end of that reign, unfortunately.

All I have to say now is Rihanna, you need to think very hard about how you want to market this next CD… With a first single like this, I’m calling doubts on whether you’ll be able to ascend to the top of the charts… Good luck, ma’am!

I will leave you with Rihanna’s best first single release: