Too many characters dying and coming back to life, True Blood finale caps off sub-par season 4

The season 4 promo poster

In an effort to conclude a less than impressive (in True Blood standards) season, HBO pulled out all the stops for its Season 4 finale this Sunday.

Usually a high point in many True Blood episodes, the dialogue did not feature as many witty and pithy liners, instead favoring clichéd writing, as seen after the [SPOILER] vampire burning scene, where Eric Northman tells Sookie Stackhouse to get them down because they are becoming crispy at the stake. [END SPOILER]

Even the nudity was sparse this episode. With only one scene featuring my favorite vampire Jessica Hamby and the dumb-as-a-doorknob Jason Stackhouse, the episode focuses more on developing character arcs for next season.

The finale begins true-to-nature with dramatic action and ironic situations galore, but it loses its steam midway through, during the final witch showdown. The whole Marnie-wants-to-take-over-the-world-and-kill-all-living-dead plot line was unfortunately extended into this episode… I was not a fan of keeping her spirit “alive” in this final one. Had the director sped this specific scene up and added more clues as to next season’s plot lines, I would be such a happier camper.

Otherwise, the finale summed up the so-so season 4 decently, and ended with many older characters popping out of the woodwork and a couple of fan-favorites down for the count. Hopefully the next season of True Blood will be more on-par with previous breakout season 3. And with everyone’s favorite bad-ass vampire Russell Edgington back in town, V-fans everywhere can rejoice.