Promiscuous sex? There’s an app for that!

After stumbling upon (actually just opening my AdWeek daily newsletter) an article entitled “Founders say app is less focused on sex,” I just had to stop everything I was doing and read what this new development was.

Well, I found out that there now is an app to meet up with people who have similar interests with you. Now, this seems not to be such an issue. I mean, if I meet someone while walking through the quad at LSU, I’d probably try and see if we like the same music, have the same major or find out some commonality between us. It’s just basic social interaction.

The difference between my interaction with someone in the quad and someone on Blendr (or its homosexual counterpart, Grindr), is that using the app suggests you are looking to hook up with someone.

The app snatches away any innocence there could have been within your social interaction. After toying around on Blendr for a day, I realized that I was surrounded by perverts and crazies, asking to see compromising pictures (btw people, never take those… they WILL end up on the Internet and not everyone gets a show on E! because of it).

Now, in theory, the app is supposed to be a great way to meet new people based on your interests, and you are able to suggest going to places such as coffee shops, clubs, etc. based on how many people have checked in there (btw, it integrates your Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook accounts for streamlined social media capabilities — take notes, Google+). This IS what people can use the app for… but more than likely you will probably meet someone in a place no one has been or checked in at for a long time (the mysterious person’s house).

Either way, this has definitely been an interesting social experiment, but be ware if you plan to utilize this new service: there are creepers on it and they have made it into an art. Stay safe, readers!

I leave you with an ode to promiscuous sex by one of my favorite singer/songwriter-transitioned-to-pop-sensation entertainers, Nelly Furtado:

Question: would you ever use a service similar to this to meet other people?