Google +: FTW or just another terrible idea?

After reading this article about how Google + is failing in the identity department, it got me thinking about just how dependent I am on certain programs and sites.

For example, my dependence on GoogleDocsGoogleTalk,GoogleChat and the multitude of GoogleLife products may not be as extensive as many of my friends’, but I still fall victim to its ingenioussearch engine and the allure of a GoogleMail account — Thank God I haven’t discovered the wonders of GoogleChrome yet (I heard it knocks the socks off of Safari)!

On the other hand, my whole social identity is on Facebook and Twitter! If I did not have access to my profiles on both of these social media programs, I would have no real documentation of the past four (4) years of my life. From pictures to videos to even status updates on things I found interesting, the last four years would be the last 50 pages of areally good book torn out and lost forever…

If Facebook revoked my account privileges, I would not be a happy camper. There are just too many memories saved in the virtual space of the Internet. Not being able to access my account would cut my network in half at least, since I only converse with many of my Facebook friends via Facebook. Take my medium of communication out, and I am probably down 1,200 “friends.”

Now, my dependency on Gmail stems solely from a lack of wanting to use neither my email address from high school nor my college email address. I still use all of them, but I send out most of my information using my Gmail account. Gmail just seemed to be the most versatile of all my options. If my gmail account was revoked, though, all hell would break loose. I have emailed and networked using that email address too much to let some stupid identity theft scandal rip away my Rolodexof who’s who in the entertainment industry, PR world and state of Louisiana.

Now, I am scared to even begin working on my Google+ account. Granted, I may be no celebrity (even though I get mistaken for this oneall the time), I still do not agree with Google+’s lack of integration with other social media outlets. If Google+ would let me post twitter updates and dump pictures through Facebook, my social media life would be complete. Alas, it is not so.

So, my opinion on this matter is that Google needs to slow its horses — unless they allow users to combine existing social media accounts, they are fighting a steep uphill battle. Let’s just hope that Google+ remains a staple in the social media sector and not just another terrible idea.