Leona Lewis Takes on Ocean, Electronic Producers in New Single

Is it just me, or did Leona Lewis become more gorgeous than usual? In her new flick for her now really old relatively new single “Collide,” Lewis teams up with Ethan Lader to create a visual spectacle. At less than 4 minutes, the video encapsulates the longing and innocence of true love (most notably featured in Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream“), but pairs it up with the mature and wholesome sexuality best envisioned by director Joseph Kahn’s production of Kylie Minogue’s “All The Lovers.”

The video itself pictures Lewis hanging out on the beach with her friends and love interest. Lader makes good use of imagery, especially during the first chorus, where the waves of the ocean actually do “crash” into Lewis “at full speed.”

The video seems to walk the thin line between risqué and virtue, but unfortunately it seems to teeter more toward the virtuous side. The video does capture beautiful shots of nature and man interacting, best seen in the ocean shots.

I find it hilarious that the song bills both Leona Lewis and electronic producer and DJ Avicii as collaborators for “Collide.” Avicii originally stated that Lewis’ record company stole the melody from his instrumental club song “Penguin” and did not credit him or ask for his permission. As a result, Avicii sued and received collaboration rights to Lewis’ single.

SIDE NOTE: I definitely side with Avicii on this one; “Collide” has “Penguin” all over it.

Overall, the video is a nice compilation of some great shots, but it is not that memorable. Whereas with Lewis’ first single (“Bleeding Love“), the video was stunning; I remember watching it and being blown away by its rawness and emotion — I’m referring to the UK version, not the US version; the US one was not as great.

But, the video works for a dance single, and since Lewis used Avicii’s melody, it is safe to say “Collide” is a dance single.

I will leave you with one of the best dance videos of all time: Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me.” Let me know what you think of this in comparison to “Collide.”