After Seven (7) Singles from an album…

So, my favorite Barbadan released a new video to accompany her new single “Cheers.” Recently, I feel like her singles have been hit-and-miss, with many of the older ones from her LP “Loud” doing moderately well on the charts. Look at the Hot 100 performances so far:

First single: “Only Girl In The World” –> it hit No. 1 (after the second single… Rihanna became the first artist to do this)

Second single: “What’s My Name” Feat. Drake –> hit No. 1 before the first single

Third single: “Raining Men” Feat. Nicki Minaj –> nowhere to be seen on the charts :/

Fourth single: “S&M” –> hit No. 1 AFTER the remix with Britney Spears

Fifth single: “California King Bed” –> Barely cracked the Top 40 at No. 37 — I still find it funny that this song became the official song of Sealy. Did they not listen to the lyrics before deciding to make this the brand song?

Sixth single: “Man Down” –> Measly No. 59 — this song should have charted higher… it was so different than anything on mainstream radio at that time AND the video was breathtaking.

And… brace yourselves… the Seventh single! So far, “Cheers (Drink To That)” has been getting some spins on the radio and the response from listeners seems positive. I’m glad, since this song features the Avril Lavigne “cat-call” voice from her 2002 hit “I’m With You” on a perpetual loop.

Overall, I feel the video captures the spirit of the song: it’s a chill night, so you should just kick back and relax. The best part for me was seeing her just enjoying herself while walking around backstage after a show. The emotion conveyed in that three-second clip reminded me that Rihanna indeed is just a regular 23-year-old having fun with her friends, just like most college students. It goes to show that popular culture may raise someone’s status to god-like, but that god-like character still does the same things we do – hang out with friends and try to make the best of his or her time.