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#OutOfTheWoods: classic @TaylorSwift13 songwriting with subtle romantic references to drive us crazy :)


 You took a Polaroid of us | Then discovered | The rest of the world was black and white | But we were in screaming color | And I remember thinking… | Are we out of the woods… Continue reading

Digital Privacy and the celebrity #Nudiegate2014


Multiple private pictures and videos of notable A- and B-list actresses (and a couple of actors) leaked to the general public two Sundays ago. Most notably, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence‘s nude pictures… Continue reading

#MTVVMAs2014 Recap: @Beyonce steals the show. Again.


I feel like award ceremonies are just family affairs for @Beyonce and @S_C_ #MTVVMAs2014 — Harkeet Kittu Pannu (@KITTUPANNU) August 25, 2014 While last year’s VMA ceremony was quite controversial and exciting, this… Continue reading

@ArianaGrande Breaks FREE from the confines of traditional pop and creates hilarious #BreakFree video


Sexy, yet innocent. Fantastical and over-the-top, but still somewhat tasteful. Ariana Grande‘s video for “Break Free” shows an Ariana who just has no more cares to give. See for yourself: The beginning 25… Continue reading

The (Kill)-Joys of #Suicide and Living with a #MentalIllness #RIPRobinWilliams #MentalHealth


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  – Robin Williams, July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014. Today, as I was having dinner with my mom, I received… Continue reading

Going on hiatus… Until Aug. 10


Okay readers, I wanted to first apologize. I haven’t had the time to post here and it kills me every time I open my browser. I was hoping to have more time this… Continue reading

#FaultInOurStars: worth the read, but that’s about it #FIOS


Like the MANY high schoolers and their parent chaperones, I, too, trekked to the movie theatre to see the phenomenal cancer-teen-angst novel “The Fault In Our Stars” be portrayed on the big screen… Continue reading

On the importance of focusing on the positives :)


It’s been a while | I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting | But I’m here now Cheesy, I know, but I feel bad. Sorry for keeping y’all waiting. It’s been a rough couple… Continue reading

For all it promised, @NeighborsMovie delivers and THEN some


Let me start by saying that everything about Neighbors was on-point. It was everything I expected. Plus some. From the witty and obviously R-rated risqué dialogue to the epic party scenes, I felt like… Continue reading

Shaki’s #Dare May lead to electrifying reckless behavior on the dancefloor


  Is it true that you love me? | I dare you to kiss me | with everyone watching | it’s truth or dare on the dance floor…  – Shakira, “Dare (La La… Continue reading

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