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Why dating/talking to the bartender at your favorite bar is a no-go Pt. 2 #ATinderSeries


Click here to read my disclaimer regarding my dating posts. Click here to read Pt. 1! …So of course being the person I am and given that my friend wanted to get drinks… Continue reading

An end of an era: “How I Met Your Mother” and #ParasocialBreakups. Not as #LEGENDARY a finale as you’d think


Okay so thanks to social media spoilers Monday night, I found out that everything I expected (and totes called) back at the end of season four or five actually happened on the finale… Continue reading

My Very-Own Disclaimer


So I’ve been getting feedback from friends and the subjects of some of my posts… And I figured it would be good to write a disclaimer as to why I even feel the… Continue reading

Why dating/talking to the bartender at your favorite bar is a no-go Pt. 1 #ATinderSeries


I mean, the title itself should be self-explanatory. Ever heard of the saying “Don’t shit where you eat?” So I used to go to this bar all the time. For the sake of… Continue reading

When In Vegas: Dancing Till The World Ends


Five friends and I embarked on a life-changing trip to Sin City. We realized very quickly just why people call it Sin City… Day 1 After finishing all of my tasks for the… Continue reading

@TheJessieJames shows us that you CAN have it all by releasing pretty awesome debut single “Wanted” #Throwback


Song: “Wanted” by Jessie James From the first “whooo-hoo-hoo,” Jessie enchants audiences, both country and pop alike, when crooning on her hit single “Wanted.” She feels most comfortable when delivering those raunchy lyrics,… Continue reading

Reflections On A Post-Grad Life, Pt. II


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this… And a lot has changed since then. With my contract expiring at LSU University Relations at the end of the month, I… Continue reading

Though lacking MANY MANY things, #AwkwardMoment not too bad


So I spent my Thursday night not dancing up a storm at my favorite Baton Rouge club like I usually do, but instead in the company of Zac Efron and his cronies in… Continue reading

GRAMMYs 2014: Pharrell (and his hat) dominated the night


Word of caution: this is a LONG POST Between Producer of the Year-winning Pharrell Williams and Madonna‘s hat-wearing antics and Taylor Swift and Yoko Ono‘s care-free dancing, the show had a lot of great… Continue reading

‘Girl Meets World’ gets full season at Disney Channel


Originally posted on Inside TV:
[ew_image url="" credit="Eric McCandless/DISNEY CHANNEL" align="left"] No surprise here — without airing a single episode, EW has confirmed Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World has been given a full…

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