The rise of LinkedIn’s news feed (And how Twitter made a big dumb mistake)

Kittu Pannu:

This guy brings up a valid point. Maybe I should start using LinkedIn as my go-to for posting articles… What’re your thoughts?

Originally posted on VentureBeat:


Last week I was reading one of my industry news sources and an article caught my attention. I wanted to let my friends know about the piece so, as usual, I went to tweet about it. And that’s when I noticed this:

There were more people posting the article to LinkedIn than there were people tweeting about it.

And that’s when the sledgehammer hit me. Twitter has a huge new competitor with the potential to swamp them, particularly in one critical area. And, it is all of their own making.

Back in July Twitter announced that it was no longer going to allow users to post tweets automatically to LinkedIn. Twitter gave us the usual gumpf about wanting to “provide the core Twitter user experience through a consistent set of products and tools”. What Twitter really meant to say was, “We don’t want anyone reading tweets where we can’t put…

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