Just Another Sexual Assault


Originally posted on La Vie est Belle:
So this is totally different from what the blog has been about, I’m no longer in Paris and this is no longer vacation, but bear with…

#OutOfTheWoods: classic @TaylorSwift13 songwriting with subtle romantic references to drive us crazy :)


 You took a Polaroid of us | Then discovered | The rest of the world was black and white | But we were in screaming color | And I remember thinking… | Are we out of the woods… Continue reading

No One Has Seen North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Three Weeks


Originally posted on TIME:
What has happened to Kim Jong Un? That’s the question everyone seems to be asking, amid all kinds of rumors following the North Korean dictator’s uncharacteristic three-week absence from…

Digital Privacy and the celebrity #Nudiegate2014


Multiple private pictures and videos of notable A- and B-list actresses (and a couple of actors) leaked to the general public two Sundays ago. Most notably, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence‘s nude pictures… Continue reading

Warner Bros Layoffs Long Planned But “Accelerated” By Failed Fox Bid


Originally posted on Deadline:
Looks like layoffs are coming to Warner Bros, but no definite date or definite number has been set yet. In a memo sent to staff today at 5:02 PM…

26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other


Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Man, this is embarrassing to read. Haven’t we all done this at some point at school? I’ll tell you mine — I was crushing on a girl, like…

#MTVVMAs2014 Recap: @Beyonce steals the show. Again.


I feel like award ceremonies are just family affairs for @Beyonce and @S_C_ #MTVVMAs2014 — Harkeet Kittu Pannu (@KITTUPANNU) August 25, 2014 While last year’s VMA ceremony was quite controversial and exciting, this… Continue reading

How to turn small talk into smart conversation


Originally posted on ideas.ted.com:
Tips from a comedian and a journalist on the art of going from small talk to big ideas — all summer long. Imagine almost any situation where two…

Charlie Sheen Just Ruined The Ice Bucket Challenge For Everyone


Originally posted on UPROXX:
As annoying as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges littering up everyone’s Facebook feeds are right now, they actually have done a lot of good — creating a 1,000% spike…

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